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When Tere and Mac Thomas found an 1825 home that sits on 680 acres in Fayette, Mississippi, they had no idea what they had ahead of them.  Three years later the historical home, named Laurietta, was finished.

This home is on the National Register of Historic Places.  Some of the original pieces from the home were in the basement of the Historic Natchez Foundation.  The family made certain that they stayed as true to the original as possible.

Much of the decorating was accomplished using furnishings and accessories from, Target, Pottery Barn, T J Max, K Mart and Lowe's, and the furniture is slipcovered.  Tere and Mac have four grown children, their spouses and eight grandchildren, and they wanted everyone to feel comfortable here.  ENJOY!

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under spanish moss said...

We love this home. Such a cozy and inviting space. XO Angela and Renee

The enchanted home said...

How stunning! Oodles of charm and elegance, its perfect!~ And that might be one of the most beautiful large family pictures I have ever seen especially being on that beautiful front porch!

Angela Duke said...


Anonymous said...

what a lovely home and what a lot of work have remodeled and kept as true to the original design..looks very nice for having been decorated in big box store furnishings and all.. pretty amazing..

Unknown said...

This house is adorable, isn't it?

carolyn bradford said...'s not often that I see something that truly makes my heart stop!!! This did!!! Simply simply reminds me of everything I love!! I love the family photo....I LOVE the white ironstone above the prints in the living room and I love, love, love the red and white quilts because I grew up with 3 generations of women quilting and still hold on to those heirlooms today!!! What a fabulous post!!!! Can you come give a talk at my shop??? I sure would love it!! You do realize this embodies the whole concept of Americana?? My favorite "feel" for decorating for the home....even though I sell French and English!!! Go figure!!! At least I know where my heart lies and that I haven't lost my first love!!!! Thanks so much for sharing this!!!!!!
Carolyn Bradford

The French Tangerine said...

Gorgeous family pic.. and I love that white lab...
Check out my 100th post - an amazing inspired home.. not to miss!

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