Thursday, August 25, 2011


This is one crazy week for me!  I started back to school last week, and I take Angela back to college this weekend!  Forgive me if I am a little slow visiting!

This beautiful loft in the financial district of Boston has been renovated and designed by interior designer Gary McBournie.  The 2000-square-foot condo has a roof-top terrace and is easily accessible to the Boston Design Center. ENJOY!

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Kim@Chattafabulous said...

I think my favorite space is that bedroom with all those jaunty stripes. Hope you get a chance to get rested up, Teresa!

carolyn bradford said...

Teresa....this is phenomenal!! So glad I got to see it and take my mind off of other things!! We just hung 2 pendant lights today that truly make the shop stand out!!! !And I LOVE the light fixture on here above the round table!! On Monday..we are getting 5 light fixtures from Low Country and cannot wait to get them hung!!!! They are absolutely incredible and it will be very hard to not take one of them in particular home with me!!!! I so love seeing all of your wonderful and beautiful posts!!!!

Anonymous said...

very comfortable and relaxed the colors too..

JMW said...

I love that room in the first photo...the white chairs flanking a goldenrod-toned fireplace makes for an amazing space.

under spanish moss said...

We love the interior painted brick walls. Beautifully designed spaces.
Angela and Renee

Linda Merrill said...

I love Gary McBournie's work. He and I were parked next to each other at the Boston Design center (or at least it was someone from his firm, his name was on the car) and I left him a designery "mash" note about how much I love his work. He must have thought he had a stalker!

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