Tuesday, May 24, 2011


I have been adding to this collection of lanterns for some time, so get a cup of tea and ENJOY!

One of my Christmas presents.

So many beautiful lanterns.  Your favorite?  I would love to know!


See you soon,

Belgian Pearls – 15, BNOP – 3,4, Classic.Casual.Home – 21,23,40, Cote de Texas – 12,22,32,33,34, Eclectic Revisited – 2, Edgar Reeves Lampshades – 9, Haven and Home – 17, Home Bunch – 39,  Lars Bolander – 19, Little Blue Deer – 20, Me-7, My Notting hill – 25, Plush Palette – 5, Pottery Barn – 13,44,45,46, Pure Style Home – 16, Sara Klassen – 6, Style for Living – 28, Sue – 8, Tartanscot – 26, The Enchanted Home – 10, 11, 35,36,37,38, Tracy Porter – 29, Traditional Home – 30, Trovais – 41, Under Spanish Moss – 42, Unknown – 1,14,18, 27, Veranda, Hart and Howard – 31, Well Appointed House – 43, Belle Vivir - 47
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Tracy said...

A decidedly unfair question... I'd have to go with the Moroccan lanterns in the atrium, but that's probably more about the chandeliers and the champagne I imagine to be flowing. Also loving the high polish of the Charles Edward, but the double lantern in the kitchen is spectacular. Oh nevermind. I love them all. Why pretend otherwise.

Anonymous said...

Love the look of lanterns... just gorgeous! xo

annie@mostlovelythings said...

Candles are magic...but candles in lanterns...even better! these are all so pretty...love the trio of three white lanterns on the distressed white sideboard.

Anonymous said...

what an amazing collection of lantern images...
wow..I love the look and performance of lanterns..and they seem to be quite versatile as well..can't go wrong using them....


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