Wednesday, April 27, 2011


Thank you so much for the nice comments over the last week.  I will hopefully be back full force next week.  I am putting up some posts for this week.  Have a great week, friends.

John Saladino is certainly no stranger to those of us who keep up with the design world.  His work is soothing and beautiful, mixing several styles to create a masterpiece.

In this Florida home, Saladino mixes modern with traditional to create a monochromatic yet romantic home.  Notice the Rothko and the antique table in the dining room.  ENJOY!

Have a great week, and I will be back soon.
See you soon,

House Beautiful ~ May 2011 issue
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Luciane at said...

Good morning!

I love John Saladino's design. He's fabulous!

How have you been? We haven't talked for a while. Missed you. :-)

Have a great day!


Luciane at

The enchanted home said...

Amazing...every single inch! It is rare for me to fall in love with every single room but this house delivers...just incredible!! WOW! I love it! Hope you are are missed!!

classic • casual • home said...

That bathroom is magnificent. Love the mirrors, sconces and marble. Take care, Teresa.

designchic said...

Love his design...the draperies in the second image are gorgeous!! Hope you are doing well ~

Emilie said...

all is very well with me, thanks for asking teresa!
I LOVE this style, especially the dining room and the bathroom - the living room is a little bit too grey for my taste :)
Looking forward to your next posts!


Anonymous said...

So much eye candy over here! xo

Anonymous said...

hope you're back... we missed you...
and love John Saladino's color preference for this home...beautiful neutral palette with touches of blue..gorgeous bath and bedroom...

quintessence said...

I love Saladino's deft way of mixing styles as well - so effortless. This is certainly a beautiful example. Hope all is well - look forward to seeing you back soon.

Julie@beingRUBY said...

my there is much to love here.. love that entrance and what an interesting mix of styles.. yet.. as you say.. quite soothing!!

Hope you had a lovely easter!!! ciao xxx Julie

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