Wednesday, January 12, 2011


Designer Todd Romano had wanted a Manhattan home since childhood. When Romano found a 600 square foot, one room apartment surrounded with windows, he happily took on the project of designing the beautiful, top-floor masterpiece overlooking Manhattan. ENJOY!

I hope that you have enjoyed this home.  To read about this home, pick up your copy of the February issue of Architectural Digest.
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Anonymous said...

as grace jones once said. ive seen that room before.

Teresa at Splendid Sass said...

I am glad that you subscribe to Architectural Digest, because it is such a beautiful magazine. Many of my readers do not receive Architectural Digest and enjoy seeing these homes.
I hope that you have a wonderful day, and thank you for visiting my blog.

Design in the Woods said...

The moment I saw this in my Arch Digest I wanted to discuss it with someone. I think this apartment is genius. I tell my clients that blending things colorwise together makes such a sophisticated statement AND minimizes the number of visual elements in the room. This gorgeous, rich sofa against the lacquer walls of the same color totally exemplifies this concept. Can you imagine if that sofa had been a contrast to the walls, like white? The room would have felt half that size and very crowded. As it is, those walls recede and the beautiful art, chairs, and pillows stand as sculptures in the space. Splendid!

Teresa at Splendid Sass said...

I totally agree with you! Can you imagine designing only 600 sq. ft? Wow!
I love the way it flows too.
Thanks for your comment. I love his work here.

Holly Anne said...

Gorgeous! I love the dark blue with the lime accents, I tried to do a bit of that in my house, but it doesn't look as good as these rooms!

Sarah Klassen said...

Simply stunning! His vivid and juicy color choices just make these spaces irresistible, I think. He has such a nice, unique touch... I love his use of vibrant but warm velvet and cool layers. Thanks for sharing :)

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