Wednesday, January 12, 2011


Architect Richard Beard and interior designer Paul Wiseman created this view-rich home in Napa Valley. Much consideration was given to the surrounding area and residents during the planning phase.

Steven Stull and wife Claire, a former interior designer, were from New Orleans, but when they saw the view below in Napa Valley, they knew that they had found home. ENJOY!

To read more about this home, pick up your copy of the February issue of Architectural Digest. Two posts accidentally went up this morning so be sure to see the previous post on Todd Romano.
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When you leave here, please click on over to my daughters blog, b e l l e s & b o w s.  I really love her post for today.


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mydesignchic said...

Oh Teresa, I love every room!! The chandelier in the living room is such a statement piece for the whole house...stunning!

Luciane at said...

Hey you, Teresa!

I'm loveing the new look.. but as I'm trying to write there's an add in front of I'm not sure if I'm making any

anyways,... that bathroom is on my list... gorgeous!


Luciane at

Teresa at Splendid Sass said...

How are you today, friend?
I am in the process of changing things up. Google wants to get in the middle of things, haha. Hope to have it fixed soon.
Have a great day. Be by later.

Angela Parmer Duke said...

Beautiful and refreshing!

Julie said...

Teresa what a lovely and refreshing and organized new look. I love it.

P.S. Can I have that staircase? please.

K. said...

I love the pool! Wish I could be there now instead of on the East Coast...brr. Thank you for posting these!


Anonymous said...

That home is to die for! Especially the bath and kitchen. I would love to visit Napa Valley.... I just know it would be beautiful.

I didn't know your daughter had a blog! Off to visit her. xo

Julie@beingRUBY said...

Hi Teresa
Another beautiful home and I must say I have pool envy!!!

Thanks for the kind comment re the floods.. it's just unbelievable. We have no daytime tv these days.. just hours and hours of news coverage and it is so so sad... xxx Julie

Rene said...

Oh Napa Valley how I adore thee.


Marianne - Style For Living said...

Napa is one of my favorite places in the world! This home is stunning!!!

Carrie said...

Oh that marble bath and pool are devine!

quintessence said...

Absolutely beautiful home!! The new AD has certainly stepped it up a notch! Love those kitchen counter chairs and of course the spectacular pool. Loving your chic new look!

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