Thursday, December 29, 2011


I was wearing the lucky hat during the holidays and won several fabulous giveaways! I can't tell the sponsors of these giveaways how much I appreciate the nice gifts I have received.  Thank you, thank you!

I received this beautiful Balsam Hill lighted wreath from Barbara at Hampton Hostess.  This wreath has me rethinking artificial greenery. I thought they had made a mistake and put a live wreath in the box.  It is that beautiful.  THANK YOU, BARBARA!

I won this gorgeous necklace from a giveaway sponsored by Claudia at The Paris Apartment.  The necklace, from Tarnished Lace, is so beautiful.  This image doesn't do it justice.  THANK YOU, CLAUDIA!

I won this beautiful embroidered bag from Emily at Splendid Market.  This bag will last forever!  Inside was a fresh branch of greenery and Splendid Market notepads and matches. THANK YOU, EMILY!

My darling friend, Vicki Archer, author of the blog French Essence and owner of the beautiful online boutique, sent this gorgeous glass ornament just because.  Vicki, I love my ornament.  THANK YOU!

I won this darling bracelet in a giveaway by Jessie over at Mix and Chic.  The add-a-bead bracelet from Cutey is gorgeous! THANK YOU, JESSIE!

I won this gorgeous antique print at a giveaway by the sweet Kerry at Design du Monde.  I can't wait to get this framed and hung!  THANK YOU, KERRY!

And a big THANK YOU to my sweet friend Karena, of Art by Karena, for hosting the giveaway of the book Hidden In Paris.  I can't wait to read this book, Karena!

If you haven't visited these beautiful blogs, do so now by following the links above. THANK YOU AGAIN FOR THESE NICE GIFTS!

I have a lot in store for you in the new year!  

See you soon,
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The enchanted home said...

Teresa...quick go play the! You are on fire, my friend! Enjoy all the fun things you have won, I thought I was lucky (and I was) to have won a few goodies myself.....but you take winning to a whole new level...congrats!!

Anonymous said...

Wow, lucky lucky lady!! LOVE the lighted wreath! xo

helen tilston said...

Hello Teresa. Congratulations on winning such items of beauty. Tina is right, I think you should chance a lottery ticket.
Happy New Year Teresa and may your luck continue.

Helen xx

Acquired Objects said...

Wow you did win a lot of great things, congratulations and would you mind sharing the luck please!

Anonymous said...

congratulations on all the fine winnings!!..
and these gifts couldn't go to a nicer person.. :)
hope you enjoy all of them!!

Angela Duke said...

I'll be sure to get you to enter any giveaways I like!! WOW!

designchic said...

Well you certainly had Christmas at your house with all of these wonderful're on a roll. Thanks for always being so supportive of our blog, and wishing you all the best in 2012 ~

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