Monday, July 11, 2011


Maureen Footer designed this gorgeous 650 square foot studio that she calls home. The apartment is dripping is luxurious fabric, a lovely mix of furnishing, and stunning dashes of color everywhere.

Footer, using inspiration from Billy Baldwin, Stanley Barrows, and Van Day Truex, used wall to ceiling bookshelves and curtains. The tapestry in the living room is powerful, as is the beautiful black desk. The rooms are divided using a different wallpaper and paint color. The canopy bed brings an ordinary bed to life, and the seating area brings the separate space together with the living room. The entry way is separated from the living room by the large floor to ceiling bookshelf.


If you love rustic, go here!

House Beautiful August 2011
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The enchanted home said...

Love the rich use of colors!~ Just fabulous and so elegant. Beautiful things do come in small packages.

Anonymous said...

she is certainly not afraid of color or pattern..and for such a small place, I counted the number of items of furniture...a fear that maybe she has too many chairs...what a fabulous space and is so well thought out and looks much larger than what is really there...I love it!

Luciane at said...

Colors and more colors!!!! Great way to start my week! A happy start, actually!

Wishing you a blessed week!


Luciane at

Ashley said...

This is such a luxuriously decorated space that it's very easy to forget the limited square footage!

under spanish moss said...

It's amazing what she was able to achieve in such a small space. Great use of space, pattern and color.

Anonymous said...

LOVE the yellow wallpaper!!! xo

AB HOME Interiors said...

love your blog!


Kim@Chattafabulous said...

Hi Teresa! I love this space, the color combinations are so out of the ordinary - and they used some gorgeous pieces!

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