Sunday, June 19, 2011


This beautiful show house in Fort Worth, Texas was featured in Southern Accents magazine.  I certainly miss what I considered to be one of the best southern magazines around.  There is something for everyone here, no matter how many times you see it.  ENJOY!

To read about this home and the designers visit here.
By the way!  Wear gloves while using GORILLA GLUE!  It tells you to wear gloves, but I am so smart I thought I could get around it.  Took three days to finally wash off!
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Anonymous said...

Hi Teresa,
yes, I really miss the publication as well...they featured so many beautiful images and did such a fabulous job of showcasing such fine interior design and architecture..
..and this showhouse is one of the out standing examples of beautiful southern charm and design..
love it!!!..
have a great Sunday,


Kathysue said...

Teresa I miss Southern Accents also. Being a Calif. gal I had never heard of S A until a client who was originally from the south told me about it years ago. I ordered it and Veranda. I almost cried when they quit printing the magazine. I agree it was one of the best. This home exudes pure Southern charm. Fun to look at all the beautiful rooms, Kathysue

My Notting Hill said...

Some gorgeous interiors. My favorites are the last half. I so wish Southern Accents would come back.

quintessence said...

Beautiful!! I loved Southern Accents as well - a sorely missed publication. That spectacular second shot is my favorite!!

Under Spanish Moss said...

Hello Darling Teresa,
You are so right...we miss Southern Accents publication!!! I know as a child my grandmother would say all Good things must come to an END. But why? Thank you for keeping the light shining to keep inspiring!

Renee and Angela

Karena said...

Hi Teresa a wonderful home. I read Southern Accents for so many years!

Art by Karena

Anonymous said...

I adore the kitchen and all of the exterior shots, gorgeous home! xo

carolyn bradford said...

This is phenomenal! I plan on studying it all day! that is too funny about the gorilla glue! also...according to my mom one of my relatives invented it!!

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