Monday, January 24, 2011


After a career as an art therapist, interior designer Mark Gillette set up an international design business in the United Kingdom that spans from Cheshire to parts of Europe.  It has certainly paid off.

Gillette's Manchester flat, which is in the Burton Building, is an art-deco-designed home that resembles a period house. ENJOY!

I hope that you have enjoyed visiting this beautiful home.

I took my daughter back to school today after her visit during the Christmas holidays.  As with all of you, family is number one for me, and my children come before everything else, so you will have to excuse my lack of comments and presence for the last few weeks. I will soon be back full force!

See you soon,

House and Garden, UK - February Issue

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{av} said...

I'm swooning over all those bookshelves...they're masterfully done! I'm sure you were sad to take your daughter back to school, but I bet you enjoyed every minute together :)

thanks for sharing! xoxo {av}

quintessence said...

My son just went back as well - fridge now has normal quantities!! What a beautiful home - looks like it has some Rennie Mackintosh influences there!

Design in the Woods said...

Love the use of emerald green in these spaces. Reminds me of the beautiful Golden Globes dresses last week!

Luciane at said...

Hello, Sweetie!

Of course I missed you, but you're so right.. family comes first! I try to balance my family with the blog and sometimes I know I have to take a break because I have two small children, but they're staring to understand this is mom's "new job". :-)

I like this place and my favorite place is the bedroom.

Have a blessed week, Teresa! :-)


Luciane at

Sarah Klassen said...

You never, ever need to apologize -- family definitely comes first :) You spoil us with beautiful inspiration and the kindest comments!

As for this post, I adore all of the green used throughout most of all, especially on the dining chairs -- fabulous! xoxo

Brunch at Saks said...

His style is impeccable! And best of luck to your daughter in her upcoming semester. Family is absolutely number one, so no need to apologize! You are always so supportive and sweet, as well as a fantastic blogger! xoxo, Annemarie

Anonymous said...

Hi Teresa,
somehow I missed this post...beautiful living room with the green velvet curtain panels...
love it..
fun spending time with our grown kids, we get to do it so infrequently, it seems...
enjoy every minute of it..

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