Friday, November 5, 2010


Steven Gambrel is no stranger to those familiar with architecture and interior design.  With a degree in architecture from the University of Virginia and armed with clients who have acquired large sums of money from hedge funds and other financial investments, this design genius has made quite the name for himself.

The photographs below are of a home that Gambrel designed as a part of this year's Hearst Magazine Designer Visions showhouse.  For the Town and Country home, Gambrel chose the 1993 movie, Six Degrees of Separation, whose characters are an art dealer and his wife.  Turning his brilliant imagination loose, Steven Gambrel has created a masterpiece.  Maximize your screen and ENJOY!

The December issue of Town and Country is a must have, and the article about Gambrel is fascinating, so pick up your copy as soon as it hits the shelf!
The images below are screen shots of the virtual tour home.

These should help you get a better idea about placements in the rooms at the top of this post.
To see more on these showhouses visit here.  

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Brunch at Saks said...

Absolutely stunning! I love the virtual tour views. It's nice to see where the furniture and decor are placed within a room and how they correlate with one another. Have a fabulous weekend, Teresa :) xoxo, Annemarie

Julie@beingRUBY said...

I love the virtual tour also.. gives us a much clearer idea of the ambience he has created.. You know I am not one for orange.. but I love that orange lamp paired with the blue/grey tone abstract behind.. the two items enhance one another..

Gee I must see If I can rent that movie this weekend.. haven't seen it in years... Have a good one.. ciao xxx Julie

Shoe Splurge said...

That shimmery curtain in the room made such a difference and I love it!

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