Wednesday, November 3, 2010


These beautiful libraries are above and beyond beautiful.  I can't decide which one I want to copy.  Which one do you love?  ENJOY!

See you soon,

Images via New York Magazine

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agnes szucs said...

I'd love to have a library of my own... got the books, kind of, but they are all over my place.
I guess I'd chose the first one from here... it deifnitely has to have cozy seatings. But I love the messy fourth as well!

quintessence said...

You're asking the wrong person - am mildly obsessed with libraries - I think of these I like the first best, but wouldn't turn down any.

Jeannine 520 said...

I like both the first and second one but if I had to pick between them I'd take the second and tweak the upholstery a bit.

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