Thursday, September 9, 2010

Timothy Corrigan at Home ~ Château du Grand-Lucé

Timothy Corrigan, an interior designer from Los Angeles, designed the interior of Château du Grand-Lucé, his home in the Loire Valley of France.  Not only is the home the epitome of elegance inside, it also has many beautiful gardens surrounding it.  ENJOY!

To learn more about Timothy Corrigan and this home visit here.

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Architectural Digest September 2009
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Anonymous said...

I want it ALL.... the chateau and the interior! LOVE LOVE your post!


Punctuation Mark said...

this place looks like those used in the movies!!!

TamStyles said...

totally rich dont touch them. gorg, and well done. thanks for sharing.

AB HOME Interiors said...

Holy France!! I can't even imagine having a dining room like that! Do I even know that many people? haha

Sarah Klassen said...

How beautiful! You had me at the first image... what an incredible, majestic space :)

Angela Duke said...

can I move here, please?

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