Thursday, August 5, 2010

iPhone v. Blackberry

Ok, I really need your help. I must decide between my faithful Blackberry and the iPhone. I really need your input here! After using the Blacberry for several years, i am debating about changing to the iPhone and need your comments, ASP! This post will only be up for a few hours. Thanks.

Thanks for your help!  Soon on to Eric Cohler's Manhattan apartment.

 See you really soon,
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Carrie said...

I had a blackberry for years for work and used it as my primary phone as well. Last summer my husband upgraded his iPhone and I got his old one. I must say that I personally love the iPhone and don't remember what life was like without it. I don't know what the cost difference is, but the iPhone can be pricey. He just got the new 4G and I got again his "old" 3GS and love it even more. I still have my blackberry for work but only use it for email and sometimes the phone.
Hope this helps.

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