Thursday, July 1, 2010

Pretty Things

I love this chandelier!  The entire room is beautiful.  I found this here.

Now on to Embracing Etiquette With Teresa...

When Shopping

If you are in a grocery store “ten items or less” lane and a person in front of you has a full basket of groceries, you can choose to comment to the person, or report this to the manager with hopes that a new or exist policy be kept in place. If you choose to remind the person that they are in the wrong line you are taking a chance on receiving a negative response.

If you are in line at the counter and another line opens up and another line opens up and the person behind you runs to get into the line, you can choose to get in the other line and tell the person that you were in line first, or mention to the manager that the cashier should find another way of dealing with this situation, such as asking for “the next person in line.” Again, you are taking a chance on the person’s demeanor.

If a cahier or clerk is rude to you in the store, be very nice, saying “hello” and “thank you.” If they do not respond, you can decide whether to ignore it or mention to the manger that the clerk on that lane or counter is being rude.

Tomorrow we will cover rudeness “At Work.”

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