Sunday, July 4, 2010

Key West

Todd Richesin, of Todd Richesin Interiors, was the interior designer of this beautiful Key West home. ENJOY!

Now that is a picket fence.  I'm jealous.


I love this foyer!

Lemon yellow and ...

beautiful blue for the bedrooms.

The new gray-tone wicker.

I think this will do. This style bathtub is popular now.

Angela, welcome home.

You can see more of this home and others here.

Now on to Embracing Etiquette With Teresa ...

At Work

A common situation a work occurs when people are heating up their lunch, smelling up the entire office. Whether it is a microwave at their desk or the one in the kitchen, it is rude to smell up an office in which everyone, including clients, is prone to smell something unpleasant. This can usually be handled with a lighthearted remark such as, “John, are you trying to get rid of all of us?”

You overhear your coworker trashing your fellow coworker or friend in a conversation at work. If you could not help but hear this remark, you should ask the person to speak quietly if they are going to be speaking negatively about someone. If the worker is telling a lie about the person, you can also point that out.

A coworker asks you what you son’s college major is and they respond negatively to your answer, asking why they chose a major that doesn’t pay an enormous salary. A response of “Like me, my son thinks that the real reward in like comes from loving your job, not making a lot of money.” If that doesn’t work, just ignore the person.

Monday we will cover rudeness “When Out in Public…”

See you soon,
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A Gift Wrapped Life said...

That is the perfect picket fence...........and that yellow bedroom reminds me of my old private office. I really think I should look at that colour again I loved it. Hope you had a great holiday weekend. XO

Teresa Hatfield said...

Thank you for the sweet comment, Sande. Love the latest package!

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