Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Presenting ... Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Taylor Bass

The Waters Chapel

My son, Joseph Taylor Bass, married the beautiful Lindsay Epton at the Waters Chapel this past Saturday. The mother of the groom, who just happens to be me, couldn’t be happier. Would you think I was bragging if I posted a couple of photographs? You are correct if you guessed yes! So… here is the beautiful couple.

Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Taylor Bass and ...

their wedding party and  ...

 the soon-to-be Mrs. Bass (Lindsay) and Miss Angela (my other precious angel)
at the rehearsal dinner.

Congratulations, Lindsay and Joseph!
I love you,

Now on to Embracing Etiquette with Teresa...

The Dirty Dozen: Today’s Rudest Behaviors

They are as follows, exactly as quoted in Emily Post:

• Telling racist or ethnic jokes, which not only insults the listener’s intelligence but smears entire communities

• Using four letter words and other obscenities in public without any reservations – especially in the presence of children

• Doing the “cell yell” – conducting a cell phone conversation so loudly that those around you wonder if your phone mate is hard of hearing

• Treating a salesperson, food server, or any other service provider as someone who is beneath you

• Letting kids run wild or make constant noise in restaurants, supermarkets, theater, and any other public or private place

• Endangering others on a busy expressway by playing NASCAR wannabe: zipping from one lane to the other while driving like a maniac and not even bothering to signal

• At a youth sporting event, abusing the referee, coach, or opposing team’s players because your child’s team has suffered what you consider wrong

• Fouling the sidewalk with spit, trash, or pet poop left unscooped (You KNOW that this infuriates me!)

• On public transportation, staying planted in your seat when an elderly, pregnant, or disabled person obviously needs it more

• Charging thoughtlessly through crowds – especially when skating, riding a bike or electric scooter, or pushing a baby stroller

• Butting in, whether jumping into a checkout line in a store or taking a parking space that someone is clearly waiting for

• Lighting up to smoke tobacco in a roomful of nonsmokers – and adding insult to injury by not asking permission beforehand

Thank you, Emily!

All of this behavior makes the average, decent person furious but there are many who just don’t “get” it! Please pass this on.

Tomorrow we cover “How to React?”

First three photographs by Ann Wade Parrish, Photographer.

See you soon,
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