Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Michel Biehn, Interior Designer in Provence

This beautiful Home in Provence was designed by the talented Michel Biehn. ENJOY!

The beautiful gardens...

I love the leather on these Louis chairs...

So cozy.

You can find more on this city here.

Now on to Embracing Etiquette with Teresa...

Mentally Count to Ten

When someone is rude to you, focus on something else for a few seconds. Take a few deep breaths and decide if it is worth a response. Think of the ramifications of your actions before blowing your cool.

Tomorrow we will cover “Using Humor.”

See you soon,
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Anonymous said...

I wonder if you can help. About three years ago a friend of mine who was once close to Michel Biehn lost contact with him and all attempts to contact him by email or at La maison Biehn at Isle-sur-la-Sorgue have been fruitless. A card sent to him there has been returned marked 'Boite non identifiable'. Either he has moved or he has died. Can you shed any light on the matter please as she is desperate for news. My email address is davidwinter@macace.net. Thanks.

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