Tuesday, June 15, 2010

The Beauty of Advertisement

The advertisers in the better publications spend enormous time and money preparing their ads. They have become almost as important as the pieces that make up the magazine. I have included some ads from this months Veranda that I believe are not only beautiful but assist the readers and those designing our surroundings. ENJOY, my friends!

Robert Schoeller (no website listed) Phone 727-441-3071

Now on to Embracing Etiquette with Teresa...


Road rage, cell phone rage, biker rage, rink rage, surfer rage, and grocery store rage are a few of the new “rages.”

This form of rudeness puts it all out there for all to see. As far as I am concerned, it is a way for people to either get someone’s attention, or alert us that a nut is in the place! If you read the paper or turn on the news, even murders are now being called rage.

Tomorrow we will begin the section on The Art of Responding to rudeness.

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for recognizing our ad on your blog (and calling it out as your favorite!). We appreciate it!


Please let us know if you need any of our images for posts!



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