Friday, May 14, 2010

Dream On...

This beautiful Ross, California Home via Traditional Home.  Have a great weekend.  ENJOY! 


Architect, interior architecture: Greg Johnson, Greg Johnson Architect Inc, Interior designer: Samantha Lyman, Samantha Lyman Interior Design, Interior designer: Myra Hoefer, Myra Hoefer Design,
Landscape designer: Janell Hobart, Janell Denler Hobart Gardens, and
Photographs by Werner Straube.

Now on to Embracing Etiquette With Teresa...

Shopping Short Takes at Yard SalesIf the sign says “no early birds,” don’t go early. Do not arrive while the seller is getting ready for the sales so that you may get some good deals. That’s considered “dirty pool.” Be quiet because the neighbors may still be sleeping. Do not block a neighbor’s driveway.

Do not leave items in disarray. Leave them the way you found them. Do not haggle, although a little bargaining is ok. Carry small bills and plenty of change. Don’t be upset if the seller can’t make change. They are not a store.

Tomorrow we start a new series, Dealing With Rudeness.

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