Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Flowers Galore In the South ~ Montgomery Alabama

Just a small sampling of the beautiful flowers around Montgomery, AL. This is one of a multi-part series on my hometown.  They will most likely be separated by other posts, but stay tuned.  Shakespeare Theater and Gardens will be next, and as you would imagine, it is beautiful.
By the way, that was my world tilting in a few of these photographs.

Now on to etiquette...

In Taxis and Limousines ~ Taxis

Each municipality has its own regulations for taxies. In your smaller cities taxies are called, in large cities taxies are hailed or found at a certain spot in the city. Be certain to remember that it is very rude to get in front of anyone at the taxi stops.

Once you are in the taxi, make sure that correct destination directions are given to the driver saving much time and a lot of problems.

Have small bills available for the fee. Tip the driver according the cleanliness of the cab, Smoothness of the ride and a courteous driver.

Tomorrow, we discuss Limousines.

See you soon,
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Abigail said...

Which one / when are we seeing YOUR garden, Teresa? :)

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