Thursday, April 1, 2010

Jay Strongwater's Easter Egg

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Embracing Etiquette with Teresa continued... see introduction post (1-29-10.)


Whether you live in a big city with a rapid-transit system that is usually packed, or a small toen bus, there are things you must remember to do and not to do.
If you are sitting on a bus, and the bus is filling up, do not leave a bag, backpack, or other objects in the seat next to you. A polite rider offers their seat to someone that needs it more – a pregnant woman, parent with young children, an elderly person, a mother holding a baby, a person with an armload of packages, or someone who looks frail or tired.

When standing, move to the middle of the bus or train, making room for passengers at the next stop. Make sure that you have maneuvered your way to the door by the time you reach your stop.

Backpacks are a source of frustration and a person should take the pack off of their back and carry it around the waist.

Keep your conversations quiet and try not to yell over the noise on the bus. DO NOT use profanity or talk intimately on the bus or train.

On rainy days, do not put your wet umbrella on a seat or the overhead rack. Keep the umbrella on the floor in front of you at your feet, making certain not to let it stick into the aisle.

If eating is allowed on the public transportation, try to keep it to a minimum, such as a candy bar. Try not to smell up the train or bus with something like French fries.

Tomorrow we will cover specifically Riding the Bus.

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