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Tassel Giveaway

Between Naps On The Porch is giving away a beautiful tassel from
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Angela, proprietor of The Tassel House, and a Sponsor of BNOTP, has generously offered one of her beautiful tassels to be given to a lucky Follower of BNOTP! The winner will be able to choose either the darling Springtime Lamb or sweet Easter Bunny tassel.

You will fall in love with this blog!

Embracing Etiquette with Teresa continued... see introduction post (1-29-10.)

When You Are Making the Introduction…

Look first at the person to whom you are making the introduction to, turning to the other person as you conclude.

Speak very clearly, making your introduction courteously, using the title the person prefers. First and last names are appropriate in casual settings, Mr. and Mrs. If older or a formal situation. If the person requests at that point that they call them by their first name, so be it. Teach children to use adult titles when addressing adults, and children to adults as son and their name. (“nephew and name”, etc.)

When you share last names, make the introduction by first name only unless last name is different. The same goes for children. Ex. “This is my wife, Erin” or “I am Bob Jones and this is my wife Erin”.

Now I know that all of you know this, but NEVER introduce by the term “Old Lady”, “Old Man” or “My brat.” (My input – yes, people in the hills do this, haha.)

Introduce other family members by their full name and their relationship to you if desired.

Do not repeat names. (“Mrs. Duke, this is Mr. Quinn -- Mr. Quinn, this is Mrs. Duke”.)

When introducing someone to a group, introduce the group members first. When naming people in a group of three or more, call their attention to the introduction by calling their names, and then make the introduction. “Angela, Lauren, Alex, Lew -- this is Mr. Gunter”.)

Try to start a conversation. When the members have something in common, you should bring it to their attention while making introductions. {“Miss Duke, Lauren goes to Samford also”.) Try to move around the room and keep conversation going.

Tomorrow ~ When You Are Being Introduced.

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Susan (Between Naps on the Porch) said...

Thanks, Teresa for posting about the Giveaway! Thanks for the etiquette info...good stuff to know!

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